Warsaw celebrates the 200th birthday of Frédéric Chopin
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Jazz inspired by Chopin at the Tygmont Club
At the Frédéric-Chopin-Airport in Warsaw
Interactive exhibition in the Museum of Frédéric Chopin at the Ostrogski-Palais
The legendary jazz club Tygmont in ul. Mazowicka 6/7
Several biographies of the polish composer in Warsaw bookstores
Projection of a chamber music concert at the Chopin Museum
Nightlife insider - Michal Brzozowski - the club owner of Club 1500m2 do wynajjecia
Jam Session - Klub 55 in the ballroom of the Palace of Culture and Science
Listening points at the Chopin Museum
Immured in a column at the Holy Cross Church - the heart of Chopin
Souvenir shop with Chopin devotional objects
Nowy Swiat / Krakowskie Przedmiescie - Chopin started from there his trip to Paris
Reconstructed living room of Chopin in the Czapski Palais
Next door - Zygmunt Januszewski - professor at the academy of arts in the Czapski Palais
Still like in the times of Chopin - Horse drawn carriage at the marketplace / Rynek in the Old Town
Sala dla dzieci - Chopin Museum in the Ostrogski-Palais
Alicja Knast - curator and director of the Frédéric Chopin Museum
Transparent glass cylinders in the Chopin Museum invite visitors for a sound audio experience
The pianist Joanna Maklakiewicz - professor at the Academy of Music in Warsaw organizes free Chopin concerts for everyone
Death mask of Frédéric Chopin