Gdansk - Panoramic view of the Old Town and the river Mot?awa
Kraków - Horse carriages wait for visitors on the Rynek G?owny
D?browa Górnicza / Silesia - Steel-worker at the blast furnace - Huta Katowice steelworks | Mittal Steel Poland S.A.
Drogosze / Warmia and Masuria - Children looking after their family's cattle
?wiebodzin / Silesia - The world's tallest statue of Jesus Christ
K?trzyn / Warmia and Masuria - Masurian landscape
Annual pilgrimage to the Black Loretan Madonna in Cz?stochowa
Ustronie Morskie / Pomerania - Small seaside resort at the Baltic Sea near Ko?obrzeg
Warsaw - Coca-Cola advertising on Ulica Marsza?kowska
Kraków - The Town Hall Tower / Wie?a Ratuszowa on the Main Market Square / Rynek G?owny
Wroc?aw - Illusion paintings at the medieval market square / Rynek we Wroc?awiu
Augustów / Podlaskie - Polish geese for St. Martin's day
Jastrz?bia Góra / Kashubian / Pomeranian - Teletubbies at the Baltic beach
Nowa Wie? E?cka / Warmia and Masuria - Winter in Masuria
?ywkowo / Warmia and Masuria - Communion
Nowa Wie? E?cka / Warmia and Masuria - The farmer Jochen Elsner and his stork Woitek
Zakopane / High Tatra - Shepherd dressed in traditional polish highlanders costume
Morskie Oko / High Tatra - Mountainous landscape at Morskie Oko
Bar Mleczny / "milk bar" - Offering cheap meals to everybody
Warsaw - In 1997 UNESCO added the Old Town to the World Heritage List
Warszawa - The Palace of Culture and Science - Pa?ac Kultury i Nauki
Utka / Warmia and Masuria - Masurian landscape with cumulus clouds
Malbork / Pomeranian - The Malbork Castle founded by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century
Grunwald / Warmia and Masuria - The Battle of Grunwald - Historical reenactment of the combat with hundreds of lay actors
Gliwice / Silesia - Polish farmer selling strawberries in front of the General Motors - GM Opel plant
Wigry / Podlaskie - At the Wigry National Park
?eba / Pomeranian - Sand dunes in the S?owi?ski National Park
Kraków - The Wawel Royal Castle - the former residence of Polish Kings