Visiting the great grandma in Latgale / Latvia
Each year the german-latvian siblings Franceska Liva and Emils Imants spend their vacations at the homestead of their great grandmother
Like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
The great grandmother and her great-grandchildren feeding the hens
Raising the latvian flag
The land of a thousand lakes
Lookout and perfect hiding place
Land of storks - one stork couple per 250 inhabitants
Frogs for storks and kids
Water from the winch well
From the smoke sauna into the lake
In the farmer's garden
Emils enjoy the first apples in august
Running on a dirt road
Small discovery by the wayside
Family trip by horse and cart
Reading comics in the Great Grandmothers home
All hands are needed - Emils helps in the hayfields
Franceska Liva with her "pink farm dog"
On the table - fresh direct from the garden
All that you need - general store in Dagda
The great season for mushrooms
Rural ways of life - sunset in the farmer's garden
A dream in pink - Liva and malva
Latvian pancake with wild blueberries
Farm dog Dzeris
A crown of flowers for the billy goat at Ligo
Ligo or Jaņi is celebrated on the summer solstice on 23 and 24 June.
During midsummer in the white nights, when the sun hardly sinks