Greetings from the Bavarian Forest
Panoramic view of the Bavarian Forest
Koetztinger Pfingstritt - Annual religious horse riding processions at Whitsun
Mounted procession
The Bavarian Forest National Park in autumn
Wildlife - Lynx
The lake Grosser Arbersee
Open-air museum Bavarian Forest / Bayerischer Wald in Tittling
Open-air museum Bayerwaldhaus in Lindberg
Farmstead Lehnerhof in Grafenau-Schlag
Open-air museum Finsterau
Forest Ranger Herbert Noe
In the morning
Freshly picked chanterelles
The mountain Lusen in the Upper Bavarian Forest nature reserve
Passau - Panoramic views of the Old Town an the Danube river
Eggs with motives of the Virgin Mary used as votive offerings
The baroque library in the Benedictine St. Michael's Abbey at Metten
The Gaeubodenvolksfest in Straubing is the second largest genuine folk festival in Bavaria
The blue-and-white diamonds as the symbol of Bavaria