Woerlitz - Saxony-Anhalt - Woerlitz Palace and St. Peter's church - Dessau-Woerlitz Garden Realm
Graefenhainichen - Saxony-Anhalt - With Full Force Heavy Metal Festival at Ferropolis "the city of iron"
Magdeburg - Saxony-Anhalt - View along the river Elbe towards the Magdeburg Cathedral
Aschersleben - Saxony-Anhalt - Der Stelenwald (Wandelhaus) - An art object of the DRIVE-THRU-Gallery
Wernigerode - Saxonyn-Anhalt - Wernigerode Castle - Selfie with the Brocken mountain
Tangermuende - Saxony-Anhalt - Brick Gothic in the Hanseatic city - The historical town hall
Freyburg - Saxony-Anhalt - The children bower at Neuenburg Castle - Count Ludwig der Springer
Freyburg - Saxony-Anhalt - The children bower at Neuenburg Castle - Countess Adelheid
Lutherstadt Eisleben - Saxony-Anhalt - Graffiti of Martin Luther on a flowerpot
Magdeburg - Saxony-Anhalt - The Millennium Tower (60 metres) is the second highest wooden tower in the world
Roecken-Luetzen - Saxony-Anhalt - Friedrich Nietzsche Memorial - Place of birth and resting place of the philosopher
Wernigerode - Saxony-Anhalt - The gothic half-timbered city hall at the market square
Freyburg - Saxony-Anhalt - The ducal vineyards with a picturesque historical vineyard hut
Halle an der Saale - Saxony-Anhalt - The annual George Frideric Handel Festival
Luetzen - Saxony-Anhalt - The Gustavus Adolphus Memorial reminds of the Swedish King, who died in the battle of Luetzen
Nebra - Saxony-Anhalt - The Sky Disc Visitors Center near the discovery site at Nebra
Langeneichstaedt - Saxony-Anhalt - Eichstaedter Warte - Menhir of Langeneichstaedt
Halle an der Saale - Saxony-Anhalt - The Beatles Museum is the worldwide largest public facility on the topic "The Beatles"
Halle an der Saale - Saxony-Anhalt - The classicistic "lion building" at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Weddersleben - Saxony-Anhalt - The Teufelsmauer (Devil's Wall), a long stretch of jagged sandstone formations
Wernigerode - Saxonyn-Anhalt - Wernigerode Castle
Woerlitz - Saxony-Anhalt - Venus at the Dessau-Woerlitz Garden Realm
Woerlitz - Saxony-Anhalt - The Woerlitz Lake Concerts - Dessau-Woerlitz Garden Realm
Quedlinburg - Saxony-Anhalt - Half-timbered houses at the Schlossberg
Naumburg-Grossjena - Saxony-Anhalt - The Max Klinger Memorial shows the German Symbolist artist and his wife Gertrud
Dessau -Saxony-Anhalt - The Kornhaus - designed by Bauhaus architect Carl Fieger
Oranienbaum-Woerlitz -Saxony-Anhalt - The Oranienbaum Palace and park
Wittenberg - Saxony-Anhalt - The Ninety-Five Theses by Martin Luther on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg
Barby-Zackmuende - Saxonyn-Anhalt - The prehistoric site Poemmelte is similar to Stonehenge
Halle an der Saale - Saxony-Anhalt - Moritzburg Foundation in Halle, the Art Museum of the State of Saxony-Anhalt
Halle an der Saale - Saxony-Anhalt - The Market Church
Dessau - Saxony-Anhalt - Bauhaus building - UNESCO World Heritage Site